Surfie for Fitness

26 Feb
Tom Wegener


Jennifer Buckle, a stoked surfie rider and health journalist, wanted to mix her passions for fitness and surfing.  She graciously sent this article to me.  Please check it out.


Brittany at Little Cove


Surfie for Life: Stay Healthy and Happy

Some people might say that if you are not standing up, you are not really surfing, but anyone that thinks that has forgotten about surfing in its purest form. Without our surfboards we would be body surfing to get the same stoke we get from surfing, and the feeling you get when catching a wave is the same no matter how you do it. The love of surfing drives surfers to enter the ocean and play in the waves, no matter how good, or not good they are. On days when you think the waves are just too small or weak to get any good rides out of, the Surfie comes into its own. The beauty of this versatile wave-riding board is that is works when other boards don’t, on days when there is no line-up so you and a bunch of mates can get the waves for yourself. It is also the perfect way to introduce newcomers to surfing, and get them hooked on catching waves.

Noah negotiating a late takoff

Surfie Fitness

One thing about riding the Surfie that might not come to mind as your grin stretches from cheek to cheek after catching your first wave is the how much good it will do for your fitness. Let’s start from the very beginning, in that the Surfie will get you out in the water when you might otherwise just stay lying on the beach, or even worse, not going to the beach at all. So you are in the ocean, and have to swim out to where the waves are breaking, which is great cardiovascular fitness in itself. Then comes the act of waiting for your wave, and pushing off at just the right time to catch it. Your legs muscles come into play here, as does your upper body strength as you have to hold on to that board and keep in underneath you. As you glide across the surface of the water, your core muscles will be used to help you keep balanced on the board so that you don’t fall of or roll with the wave. Once it is all over, repeat the process until too exhausted to keep having fun. Sounds like a pretty good workout don’t you think?

Body Benefits

Aside from all the fun you’ll be having and the great exercise you’ll be getting, riding the Surfie will also help to keep your body in shape. We are not talking about getting ripped or losing a ton of weight, but getting out for regular rides on your Surfie will help you trim, and should help to tone muscles. The Surfie is a great introduction to surfing because it takes away all the frustration of trying to stand up on a board, and replaces it with much more gratification as you will catch more waves, and feel more stoke. In time you may want to progress onto a stand-up surfboard, which steps up the level and requires more from your body. Lots of paddling will help you to build plenty of lean muscle in your back, shoulders, and arms, and balancing on the board will keep your core abdominal muscles supple. On top of all this, your flexibility and joint movement will improve considerably the more you surf.


Gwyn Haslock age 67, Cornwall UK

Stay Young and Stress-Free

There is no denying that surfers are mostly a laid-back bunch, and that’s down to a very good reason. The stoke you feel from surfing reduces stress, something many of us need in our hectic day-to-day lives. The many problems that are stressing you out on land simply float away when you enter the ocean, and for those couple of hours while you play in the waves your mind can rest. The ocean is full of energy, and being in it regularly really helps you to feel revitalised and fresh. In fact, the more you surf the longer you will be able to do it, and many people continue to surf well into their later years, providing them with much needed exercise when their body is beginning to wither. The pure fun you feel from surfing will help you to stay young at heart, and your overall mental health will benefit from surfing, because you will begin to have a more relaxed approach to many things in your life.

Sounds like a great way to stay fit and healthy don’t you think? If you want to see the Surfie in action, check out this video and watch how much fun it can be!



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