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14 Jul
Tom Wegener

  New super user friendly bung


For years I have been searching for the best way to attach the bung or drain plug to my boards so I do not loose them.  Now I have a metal base and a plastic top. I just loop the bung on the the leash rope when the board is on land.  Easy!!!   The boards last forever so I have to have a metal base.  The plastic top will last a long time, but if the threads strip it is easy to grab another one.  I never found a way to attach the old bungs to the boards and loosing the bung has always been a worry.  Having an easy bung system for the planktons is important because they are more sensative to air pressure inside them than the glassed hollow boards.  About the only common danger to the hollow wood board is high air pressure in the board when it heats up and the bung is in.  Air can push through the weekest part of the wood and can create a crack.  When not surfing the board it is a good idea to take the bung out, especially if it is hot outside or if you are putting the board onto an airplane.  Now the bung is easily attached to the board giving peace of mind.