Model A: Creation Plantation TV show 2

24 Aug
Tom Wegener

I have wanted to make a little Model a video like this for ten years. I made the first Model A in the year 2000 and couldn't believe how easy it was to ride. It has been tested contunuously since then and the shape has definitely withstood the test of time. I took the design to the longer wood boards, 12 to 18 feet and it works. I couldn't believe that I could throw a 16 footer around with ease with the Model A tail. In this show I explain how the Model A works and then the team from Noosa Longboards give demostrations.

For more information on the Model A, please contact me about the wood version, For the foam please contact Noosa Longboards if you are in Australia or if you are in the USA. Cheers, Tom Wegener