Lets make a Corky

03 Oct
Tom Wegener

Shaping the rails of my Flexible Ultra Noserider (FUN) board. Come to my shed and help make your board. Photo Misha Robb-Mass


I have made 11 corkys now and I am totally confident with the process. 


The finless corky flex beautifully into the wave and hold in like my best alaias. Getting the flex right for the customer seems to be the most important element. I can finally improve upon the design of the Seaglass Project Albacore.


The finned longboards have a unique, comfortable ride and lightly bounce from turn to turn.  The rails and deck are soft making for a surprisingly comfortable feel.  It is like jumping from clay wheels on a skateboard to Cadillac or road rider wheels (you have to be old to remember this).  It is a nice transition, trust me. I can make any longboard shape, from 11 and 12' gliders to bodyboards.



Team rider Woogie with a 7' corky tuna.  This board floats high in the water but has more flex than an alaia or albacore.



Above, the FUN board and below the 11' Model A


The boards take the best elements of all techniques I've experimented with so far. Using the alaia's oiled wood bottom, the albacore-like soft cork deck, the bouncing flex of EPS foam, the ease of vacuum bagging and the basic shape and floatation of polyester boards, the corky method is definitely a refreshing way to do things.


It seemed surfboard shapes were more two dimentional when I started shaping.  They were all Polyester boards with hard fins.  Then EPS came along with epoxies and vacuum bagging and the Surftech technology brought a new dimension.  Then Paulownia wood came on the scene and hollow wood boards took off.  Then the alaia and finless revolution made us re-think the gospel of surfboard design.  Now we have all sorts of design elements and new materials to take surfing into new territory.  It seems the world of the surfboard shaper is now three dimensional.



I can have the board in my mind and piece it together to get the exact rails that I want.  Here is the perfect Model A rail.


I would like to make you a custom corky and introduce you to this new genre of design. We can discuss where you would like to go with your surfing and make the corky to suit. I can make about eight more custom orders before Christmas.  

Lets talk: Photo Misha Robb-Mass