Cork in Noosa movie

31 Jul
Tom Wegener


Last year Sunday, my daughter made this video.  It was featured at the Noosa Surf Film Festival and the Green Room Festival in Japan.  Thank you Sunday!





It has been nearly a year since Sunday made this video and I guess I was hesitant about putting it up on the website because I wanted to be sure the corky method works and survives the test of time.  Yes, it works!  Overall, the boards surf the best of any boards I have experienced.  Performance wise, the finless boards have the flex and spring I have dreamed of since realizing that these elements make good alaias (2006); the 12 footers have a wood glide that runs through long sections like a flying carpet, and the Noseriders have new gears in speed and control on the nose with the flex and reverse rocker. There are still some bugs in the process and I am still advancing it, but I am confident to call the project a success. 

The Wegener Surf Stay has been busy with people coming to our home and staying while we make a surfboard.  I like making surfboards this way because it hightens the new surfboard experience.  Every surfboard shape tells a story and the custormer experiences this story as we slowly create boards from the materials and templates.