Camel the Seaglass Ripper

07 Nov
Tom Wegener


A very distinguished surfer from West Australia known as Camel has been riding the Seaglass and the Albacore.  His surf adventures through Indonesia are legendary and his tube riding is the best in the world.  Last year he won the best “tuberide” with this ride:

He has been experimenting with boards and fins for years and he had a great article in the Surfer’s Journal where he discussed his findings.  His words have been a big influence on me and it is inspiring to see him push his ideas into extreme WA surf.

He has been riding the Seaglass Tuna and Albacores lately and loving them.  I asked for his thoughts on the boards and here is what he sent back.

..   these boards are so much fun in waves under head high. I can surf twice as much as before now that I have a tuna or albacore in my quiver. In small waves I have more fun than ever before, and often more fun than big or hollow waves where I use a finned board. In fact I think its practice for big wave surfing, to catch a head high wave with a steep drop is a similar stoke to a twenty foot wave on a finned board ! Camel

I think that a lot of my determination down the alaia and finless path has been to keep my excitement up for the average day of surf.  I am not going to get a big Puerto Escondido barrel tomorrow, but I am going to a great thrill from pulling perfect trim on a waist high wave on the Albacore.  And when the surf does get big and perfect I will be ready for it.

Thank you Camel!!!

Tom Wegener