The Albacore video is UP!

06 Jan
Tom Wegener

Check out this new video starring some local shredders, as well as the Wegener family-

The Albacore is the bubbliest, most fun, simplest finless board in the world. It makes the thrill of finless surfing easy and user friendly. The flex of the EPS core gives absolutely surprising grab off the bottom and holds a line even in a tube yet it still does the controlled side slip with ease. The board bounces from turn to turn and feels light underfoot. It surfs much like a thin wood alaia because of the flex yet it is soft and paddles very well. It takes the joy of finless surfing out of the advanced surfer’s world and into the realm of the beginner to intermediate. After riding two waves and doing a 360 spin in the pocket my friend said, “You have created the Volkswegener” the finless surfboard for the people. Aside from surfing really well, there are other huge advantages to the soft board. You just throw it in the car (literally) and not worry about fins, wax or dings. If the surf is small or too shallow to surf, the board rides prone like a high end body board. If the beaches are flagged off to surfers, you can still surf the 4’11. If there is no surf the board doubles as a skim board or even a sand board. If you are spending the day at the beach or camping, the board works as a good bench seat. If you happen to be on the ski slopes the board is a great sled and even snow board in powder conditions. I have been riding the prototype for a year now and cannot fault the board. It brings the best elements together from several distinct surfboards. It has the flex and feel of the alaia, it has the paddling and floatation of the EPS fun board, the holding edge of a boogie board, the comfort of the soft board, and the maintenance is next to zero from the latest soft board construction materials. With the Albacore I am ready for anything from small slop to powerful double over head tubes. But, my favourite surf is head high peaky beach breaks. It brings a new spark to this common surf. There is one more thing to the Albacore, it is safe. The soft round nose and finless tail is infinitely safer than a normal surfboard. In crowds with lots of swimmers I know I am doing the right thing. When there are lots of surfers I like to ride over the top of my friends. In big hollow closeouts I love enjoying the moment in the tube without the danger of sharp fins or a hard board. In 2009 when I started on the tuna project, safety was actually the primary objective. The Albacore is not for sale yet. It will be out in April, but I suspect that they will sell out soon. I already have lots of orders. To be sure to get one, please email me and I will put you on my personal list or go to the GSI website. Cheers, tom