Albacore is the FUN MACHINE!

19 Apr
Tom Wegener

The Seaglass Project Albacore is nearly here!!! The Seaglass Project Albacore is nearly here!!! The Albacore is such a terrific surfboard. I can’t believe they are on the way to public now. It has been nearly five years since I felt the board while surfing in my mind. I really hope many people enjoy them as much as my family, friends and I do. The feeling of just trimming across a wave is really good. It is like hanging ten all the time. They feel just like an alaia but a lot easier to paddle. The soft rails and deck are very comfortable in the water and the flat rocker paddles and catches waves easily. I never think about waxing the board, fins, dings, or maintenance with them.

They are a totally different surf craft from anything that I have experienced and I like it.

Finley and I have been busy filming and editing to help people see how fun the board is and how it works. This first video was shot at the Wreck at Byron Bay. Finley shot Harrison Muscat and I playing around in some small clean surf. I love the underwater surfing shots where you can see the convex curves of the bottom holding the board in trim. The second is a mix of good rides on the Albacore from Noosa Heads and New Zealand. It shows the versatility of the board as well as the speed when sliding across a fast wave. If you are interested in trying one, I strongly suggest you order one. There is a limited amount of them being made and they probably will sell out. It will be a while until the next batch is available. Contact your local surf shop, GSI, me, or hit the SEAGLASS button on my home page to order one and guarantee delivery. Thank you very much, Tom Wegener