Peanut Model Alaia

Peanut Model Alaia

The peanut model is for advanced alaia surfers.

There is little grab in the tail and you have to surf this board off your front foot.   But once you master this, the board becomes very loose and surfing it becomes more stream of consciousness.  You can go anywhere on the wave easier and you can spin the board around without the tail grabbing. I leave these boards thicker through the middle with a little less concave which makes them for liable to slide out if you are not a very good alaia rider.

The tail is wider than the nose and the sizing is a bit different than the other boards.  The board should be fit from the tail on the ground to just under your nose. The wide tail gives you more surface area to get onto a plane just when you catch the wave.

Sizing guide
50 to 60 kilos: 5’5
60 to 70 kilos: 6’0
70 to 80 kilos: 6’0
80 to 85 kilos: 6’4
85 to 90 kilos: 6’8
85 to 90 kilos: 6’8
90 to 95 kilos: 6’10
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From:$ 570.00