Finley Model Alaia

Finley Model Alaia

The Finley is based on the ancient boards I saw in Hawaii. 

It has the classic tomb stone shape and a rolled deck and bottom.  The rails are thin, usually 6mm, with squared off edges.  The only difference is I put a light concave down the bottom, starting one third of the way back from the nose and running through the tail.  I use the same Finley template for the shorter belly board alaias.

The benefits of the Finley are first; it is the fastest of all the alaias because of its long strait rail.  I wondered why the ancient Hawaiian boards had such wide tails and now I know it was because they liked to go fast.  Second, they are very good for prone riding.

My stock Finley model is 6’4 and 19mm thick.  The nose is 15”, mid point 16 ¼” and the square at the tail is 14” wide. This is for the average size adult.  

However, I make them from 4 to 9 feet long.   The outline stays the same on all the boards, but I make it wider, longer and thicker for bigger people.

Sizing guide
50 to 60 kilos: 5’5
60 to 70 kilos: 6’0
70 to 80 kilos: 6’0
80 to 85 kilos: 6’4
85 to 90 kilos: 6’8
85 to 90 kilos: 6’8
90 to 95 kilos: 6’10
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From:$ 480.00